Guardian Anti Static

Anti Static
500 ml

Guardian Anti Static removes and effectively prevents static electricity in textiles. It can be used on all kinds of textiles…

Guardian Vaskemiddel

250 ml

Guardian Detergent is specially designed for the machine washing of lambskin, wool and down products. Guardian Detergent is biodegradable and…

Guardian Velour & Nubuck Børste

Velour & Nubuck Brush

Guardian Velour & Nubuck Brush is specially designed for maintenance and cleaning of velours textile and nubuck leather and the…

Guardian Læderplejesæt

Leather Care Kit

Guardian Leather Care Kit contains everything that is needed for the maintenance of aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather: 250 ml…

Guardian Læderrens

Leather Cleaner
250 ml

Guardian Leather Cleaner can be used to clean aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather. After using this product, the leather should…

Guardian Lædercreme

Leather Conditioner
250 ml

Guardian Leather Conditioner is designed for the maintenance of aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather and it ensures the preservation of…

Guardian Lædersæbe

Leather Soap
500 ml

Guardian Leather Soap is optimal for caring for reconstituted, corrected, bonded, PU and imitation leather. The product washes and nourishes…

Guardian Læder Protector Serviet

Leather Protector Wipe

Guardian Leather Protector Wipe is specially designed to protect bright coloured aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leather from discolourations resulting from…

Guardian Læderfarve

Leather Colour
150 ml

Guardian Leather Colour is designed for the re-dyeing of cracked and faded leather, making the leather look new. There are…

Guardian Blæk- & Læbestiftfjerner

Ink & Lipstick Remover

Guardian Ink & Lipstick Remover is specially designed to remove ink and lipstick stains from leather. Apply the product directly…

Guardian Sæbespåner

Soap Flakes
300 g

Guardian Soap Flakes is cooked in palm kernel oil and coconut oil and contains no perfumes, colours, optical brighteners or…

Guardian Trærens

Wood Cleaner
500 ml

Guardian Wood Cleaner is specially designed for effective cleaning and degreasing of non-lacquered indoor wood surfaces. The product is produced…

Guardian Bio-Olie

500 ml

Guardian Bio-Oil is for the oiling of soft woods such as pine and spruce (lye treated). The oil is water…

Guardian Ædeltræsolie

Wood Oil
600 ml

Guardian Wood Oil is for the maintenance of untreated or oiled furniture made from hardwoods such as beech, ash, oak,…

Guardian Voks mørkt træ

Wax dark wood
350 ml

Guardian Wax dark wood is specially designed for caring for dark and stained woods. The wax nourishes the wood, gives…

Guardian Bivoks

350 ml

Guardian Beeswax is used to wax treat pine, spruce, ash, beech, oak, mahogany, teak, lye treated and oiled woods. It…

Guardian Spray Voks

Spray Wax
500 ml

Guardian Spray Wax can be used where a wax treatment is desired on untreated, waxed and lacquered wood surfaces regardless…

Guardian Lak Vask

Varnish Wash
500 ml

Guardian Varnish Wash is specially designed for cleaning, caring for matte, lacquered surfaces and can be used on all wood…

Guardian Lakpleje

Furniture Polish
250 ml

Guardian Furniture Polish is specially designed for caring for glossy, lacquered surfaces of all wood types. Guardian Furniture Polish cleans,…

Guardian Laminatrens

Laminate Cleaner
500 ml

Guardian Laminate Cleaner is for cleaning and refreshing laminate surfaces. It cleans and protect the surface. Guardian Laminate Cleaner is…

Guardian Linoleum Sæbe

Linoleum Soap
500 ml

Guardian Linoleum Soap is specially designed to both clean and protect linoleum surfaces. Linoleum is a natural product that requires…

Guardian Glasrens

Glass Cleaner
500 ml

Guardian Glass Cleaner effectively removes debris and grease film from all types of glass: glass tables, mirrors, windows and the…

Guardian Kompositpleje

Composite Care
400 ml

Guardian Composite Care is a specially produced product for cleaning and protecting of composite material as among others Corian, Polymer,…

Guardian G-Polish

250 ml

Guardian G-Polish is specially designed for the maintenance of polished and glossy, lacquered, stone surfaces as well as high glass…

Guardian Stenolie

Stone Oil
250 ml

Guardian Stone Oil is for untreated or oiled stone surfaces. It penetrates into the stone and results in a nice,…

Guardian Stenforsegler

Stone Sealer
250 ml

Guardian Stone Sealer is specially produced for the protection of absorbent and open stone types such as concrete, granite, terrazzo,…

Guardian Stålrens

Steel Cleaner
500 ml

Guardian Steel Cleaner effectively cleans and protects stainless steel and other shiny metal surfaces from oxidation and corrosion. It removes…

Guardian Poly Wash

Poly Wash
600 ml

Guardian Poly Wash is specially designed for cleaning and caring for garden furniture made of poly rattan, “Non-Wood” and the…

Guardian Udendørs Træolie

Outdoor Wood Oil
600 ml

Guardian Outdoor Wood Oil is specially designed for oiling unlacquered outdoor wood and protecting it from wind and weather. The…

Guardian Fnugfjerner

Textile Shaver

Quickly and effectively removes lint from furniture textiles, rugs and clothing.Set the protective cover to fit the type of fabric…

Guardian Filtpuder

Felt pad

Available in white20 x 20 mm, 16 pcs. per. packages 100 x 100 mm, 1 stk pcs. per packages Ø…